Ideas for Success -
Make it Worth Your Time


"It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared."

Whitney Young, Jr.

There are only 24 hours a day...

How much do you want to devote to a fundraiser? Well if you could raise $100,000 in one fundraiser it's probably worth every waking moment for a week. But let's get realistic.

It's Christmas Wreath time and your a Boy Scout, more specifically it's the day after Thanksgiving, your friends are at the mall, it's 10 degees and knee deep snow. After 5 hours of attaching pine cones to the wreaths you're ready to fill the mini-van with pine scented wreaths and away you go, fortunately only half of the names smeared on your pre-order sheet when the paper dropped in the snow bank after you fell and lost your gloves. This is awful! However the wreaths sold themselves and after 2 hours, you delivered 150 and you get to keep your profits of $10 on every wreath. Was it worth your time?

That's my point. You decide if the effort is worth the result. The wreath example is outstanding because it teaches you that you have the potential to make great profits, but a lot of times the fundraiser is WORK.

Would it have been more fun, if your friends were helping attach the pine cones, if you had used a pen that didn't smear, or if you had a spare pair of gloves in the van... yes, the activity would have been more pleasant. See, a little planning can make this fundaiser a lot less difficult! Keep a list of "how to improve the fundrdaiser" and pass it on to next year's organizers. As for the above example, heck yes! I'd sign up to earn $1,500 for seven hours of work, especially if I were 12 years old! Copyright @2012