Ideas for Success - Smile


"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."

Benjamin Franklin

Smile, this is fun!

Whether you're a particpant or an organizer if you think this will be fun, it will be! A simple change in your approach toward a successful fundraiser will actually make it successful. Have I been positive enough yet?

Actually I have a point. Your attitude will completely affect your outcome. Imagine you're at a garage sale and everyone is pouty, grouchy and frowing - do you really want to buy things? What about if everyone is excited, happy and there's a fashion show? Both are a garage sale, but one WILL generate more sales. If your team is approachable (but not irritatingly perky - there is a difference) your dollars will skyrocket! The same holds true for going door to door. Does anyone remember the wonderful commercial a couple years ago with the nerdy little boy that is reading directly off his sheet of paper with the speech, "Hello Mrs. Fill In Blank I am selling..." HUGE point to be learned. Be confident, approachable and smile! Copyright @2012