Ideas for Success -
Make it REALLY Worth Your Time

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"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

Bill Copeland

Is it possible to work 30 hours a day?

Yes, absolutely, if you have 20 group members working 5 hours for the garage sale that's actually 100 hours! It's about team work.

Your team has so many resources. Think about the game six degrees of separation and go just one step beyond your club -that's your parents and WOW you'll find a computer programer, someone who can sew, a public speaker, it's amazing. But MAKE A LIST, once you find the person in your group that has database skills, make a database! This way when the grouop wants to start a fundraiser to rake leaves, you'll know who has access to a hardware supply store. Start with a simple form that asks the question, "What are your hobbies?" Those that golf may have connections to discounts at the local greens for the golf tournie you want to host. Then there are the amatures, those people think that because they make websites as a hobby, and not a job, that it's less valuable - that's crazy, they may have just the skills you need!

However, you've got to start collecting the information! Put some thought into the tasks of an activity, "set up, clean up, publicity, food/beverage, etc" then be clever and have the person "rank from one to five". Most people don't like to clean up but there are people that will rank it #2, or #3. Speaking of which, I look at the world of baton twirling. Most particpants are girls but when it's competition time the brothers and fathers are important to every team, they're the ones helping with raffle tables, setting up the props for various competitions, and even helping by clerking for judges. There is room for everyone to help.

Make sure to keep a record of each fundraiser and event. If you start collecting names, adddress and emails. You're going to want this information. Next year when you call the local paper for publicity you'll know the name of the person who helped you last year, less recreating the wheel, more time raising money! How about sending an email to all of the people who have purchased candles, wrapping paper, candy, etc. from your group and invite them to a free concert in the spring! See the "celebrate" section. Copyright @2012