Ideas for Success -
Take IT to the Next Level!

food drive

" Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are."

Theodore Roosevelt

Take it to the next level.

What the heck? It's just wrapping paper. It's not a huge event - it's just wrapping paper.

Sure -but what would happen if when you were selling you gave your buyer a flier that said, "thank you for your purchase we will be delivering on December 15, this is also the day we will be collecting food for the local food shelf. We would love your particpation by collecting a canned food item at that time. If you are not home we'll leave your wrapping paper outside your door and we can easily "trade" for your food shelf donation"

How cool would that be? Sell wrapping paper and collect food. You're already going back to their house - why not make your return trip worth it for so many people outside of your club! It takes planning, you have to be sure of your delivery date, but the benefit is rewarding!



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