Ideas for Success -


"Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so."

Belva Davis

Who are your leaders?

You must have leadership for every fundraiser. Even if the idea comes from "the bottom up" meaning the members decide they want to collect aluminum cans, the main person in charge must endorse the activity. It sounds obvious, but if the coach is not collecting aluminum cans, why should the person who sits on the bench. If your captain decides that he/she can collect the most aluminum cans, you better believe that the competition is underway, and everyone will pitch in.

Your leadership comes in many forms. Your captains or club president, the parents, the coaches and then there are the top sellers. These are the people in your group that will suprise you. Most likely it's not the student in charge or the best player. It's the kid that loves to be a part of the group and this is their time to shine! Cultivate this! Remember the more they sell the more money your group will make. This silent person in your group or on your team will provide leadership, the other people on your team will be bewildered as to how they sold so much more than they did! Make sure to recognize them and for sure read "celebrate".




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