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"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Winston Churchill

A Committee of one get's things done?

Although there are occassions where "a committe of one gets things done" in fundraisers you will need all the help you can get! And if you do not delegate you're going to find yourself running all over town the evening of the talent show looking for glitter and glue to make a sign. If you had only delegated this responsiblity to a sign committee then you could be back stage making sure that the line up is in order, wait if you had delegated the line up to a parent, you could be selling tickets to the raffle items that, oh my gosh, you're collecting from business on your way to get the glitter and glue, wait if you had had a raffle committee you could be in the audience enjoying the show. Delegate!


Have a talent show committee. Divide up the responsiblities and have a leader for each area from auditions to performance and all of the "add on's" like raffle and bake show. These leaders are responsible for their activity, any questions they have will come to you as the leader. You have regular meetings to make sure they are taking care of the details. Now, you can't just expect things to happen, be ready to jump in. I love the scene in the movie "The Wedding Planner" where the wedding planner opens her suit coat and has compartments sewn into the fabric to hold hair spray, mints, sewing kit, etc. This is your job, you need the emergency items and if you've delegated properly, that will be your job! (PS: My mom had a bag like this for every baton contest my sister and I went to)

You might think delegating is only important for big activities - but what about selling pom pom's at the football game? Someone still needs to order the pom pom's, deliver to the game, make signs, set a schedule of who's selling, make sure there's a table and chairs at the gate, have a cash box, and SOMEONE has to be responsible for collecting cash and ensure it balances. I highly recomend you do not delegate the responsibility of cash. If you do have only ONE person responsible and a way to track sales so you can cross check the accounting. Sadly, not everyone is honeset, don't let a selfish person steal your group's profits!




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