Ideas for Success -


"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents."

Andrew Carnegie

G-U-E-S-T treatment

What the heck does this have to do with a fundraiser. It has EVERYTHING to do with the success of your fundraiser. GUEST is an acronym I use for party planning but it works really well for fundraisers.

G= Greet the guest
U=Understand their needs
E=Exceed their expectations
S=Satisfy their wants
T=Thank them for coming.

If you use this little acronym your event will turn from good to amazing!

Let's try it. Your group is going to sell wrapping paper. You walk up to the door and "ding dong" a nice woman answers the door.

G=Greet the guest, (yeah, you're at their house but guess what -right now you want them to buy something, so they are the guest in your selling adventure) give them a nice happy "Hello",

U=Understand their needs - they want you to go away so make it quick and get to the point, "I'm Dave and I'm the first baseman for our baseball team"

E=Exceed their expectations - know something about your product AND why you are raising money AND why they can help you (that's the hook, make sure they know they can help you), "Our baseball team is raising money for new uniforms and we're selling wrapping paper to help us get them"

S=Satisfy their wants if you've picked your fundraiser carefully (read selecting a fundraiser) there will be something in the brochure they can buy, even if they don't want to, because they really want you to go away, but your happy hello and your to the point ability to speak about why your raising money will make them interested so now make them WANT to buy something - "the wrapping paper will arrive 2 weeks before the holiday season"

T=Thank the guest - Finally, even if they don't buy something, THANK THEM!

Thank You

Does this work? - OH yes it does. I tend to interrogate any youngster that tries to sell me something. I will always buy something, but the amount I spend is directly proportional to his/her selling skills. If they can answer questions about why they are selling the item (Exceed my expectations), I'll buy more, if they can actually pitch the product (Satisfy my wants), cha ching, I'm hooked - I'll even buy something I have no desire to own. Copyright @2012