"Nothing Happens until I make it Happen"
Source Unknown


I started out, like everyone else, by selling something!

I remember being 4 years old in my first dance recital and we had to sell tickets. I thought it was soooo cool that my sister and I won the "top ticket sellers". I don't remember the work to sell the tickets, but I sure remember the maroon Timex watch we won! It was from that moment I was hooked. Check out the Try-This idea to see a great idea for your group's next fundraiser.

Over the next 13 years I sold candy bars, suckers, gift wrap, calanders, dance tickets, candy-grams, buttons, spirit poms, ad sponsorships and the list goes on and on... On the left you'll see a list - these are my favorite ways to raise cash, maybe you'll get an idea!




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Candy Cane

Singing Telegram

Garage Sale

Happy Birthday


Coupon Book


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