Ideas for Fundraisers -
Share Your Wealth


"Good intentions are not good enough... ultimately we are measured by our actions."
Source Unknown

Share your wealth and raise money for a charity!

Believe it or not when you share you get more. So as your raising money for your choir trip to Europe take a percentage off the top and donate it to the food shelf. Back in my cheerleading days we did a competition that raised money for Cystic Fibrosis research - it was fun, we competed, and raised cash for charity! OH and if you don't believe "add on's" work.... about 3 weeks after the competition we had the opportunity to order 8x10 team photos - hummm.... I wonder where the money went? Of course it went to charity!

When I supervised the Admissions Ambassadors I encouraged a community service event. We did a fundraiser for Toys for Tots. They did a penny war in the resident halls. (Penny war is outlined in create an event) The Admissions Ambassadors got a pizza place to sponsor a pizza party for the winners, and then they took the cash and went to buy toys.

Then they took it to the next level and got the toy store to donate toys as a percentage of the sale AND they had the university news paper show up to cover their toy purchasing event - and finally, they got on TV because when they brought the toys to the drop point it was at our TV News station. This event was amazing - toys were collected but it was fun on so many levels - earning the cash, spending the cash, and being in news papers and on TV - all to make sure that kids who normally wouldn't receive a present would have one!



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