Ideas for Fundraisers -
Make Something

"You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself."
Diana Ross

Make Something?

What? - Like sit around and make arts and crafts?

That's not exactly what I have in mind but... why not! I've had our students tie-dye T shirts, then sell them with the money going for charity. More about that in Share Your Wealth or Add On's

My topic here is about buttons, "T" shirts, photo frames. We made money by hiring a company to make buttons, taking photos, or printing "T" Shirts... Everyone can use another T Shirt.

Here's a spin on the "T" Shirts - host an autograph party! Wrap the cost of a fabric marker into the cost of the shirt and on the day of delivery (like the last day of school) people can sign each other's shirts! Truly create one-of-a-kind shirts!

How about an 8x10 of your class... we hired a photographer to take a class portrait. Then we sold photos and they came with a photo display frame - you know the ones with the photo on the right and a plain side on the left... here was our spin, we took a plain piece of paper and got everyone in our class to sign it - then made laser photocopies of it onto sticker paper in our school colors... simple assembly and it was class photo on the right with everyone's signature on the left! A very nice keepsake.



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