Ideas for Fundraisers -
Get Rid of Things

Garage Sale

" If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
Milton Berle

You're not using it, wouldn't you rather have a couple dollars for it?

Garage Sale: A group fundraiser where everyone brings their stuff - and I mean donate their things to the group garage sale, this can have huge benefits. Don't try to keep track of individual sales for individual people. It's a lot of effort and the other thing it does is it makes it hard when the bargain hunters come around. Imagine if Joe Customer stops at the all-band garage sale and sees a vacuum but instead of the asking price of $10.00 he wants to pay $5.00 - can you imagine trying to track someone down to bicker about $5.00? If they bring it to the garage sale, that's it, it's fair game for any price negotiation - if your club member wants a minimum price, they're actually telling you they don't want to sell it. When all is said and done just take the proceeds and divide among any one that HELPS organize and work at the Garage Sale. And for goodness sake - don't forget the "add on's" - beverages and raffle tickets! HUGE add on profits!

Remember clothes if they're hanging in your closet you're not wearing them, get rid of them! Sell a pair of jeans or a sweater for 50 cents - it's about quantity - sell 10 things and you have $5.00! Word gets around quick that you're selling clothes for cheap!

NOTE: If people want a minimum price - they can raising money on their own - suggest Craig's List or Ebay OR they can make a "poster" of the item and hang at the garage sale. There are also lots of clothing consignment business out there!

Finally - do you realize how much money you're sending to the recycle bin? It's great we're recycling, but how much money could you raise if everyone in your group joined their efforts and took their aluminum cans to the recycle center? Trust me... it's worth it.





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