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Coupon Book

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."
Diana Scharf Hunt

Advance Store Discounts and Coupon Books

When I was in school we had the traditional coupon books. I also have also purchased many and never used them. I'm sure you or your parents agree. It's something you buy because someone is selling it but rarely do you redeem the full value of the book. So while your group makes money - are you reaching your full potential for the time you are putting into the activity. Read "Make it Worth Your Time".

Always know that "you can only go to the well so many times". What does that mean? Remember how I mentioned I did 18 fundraisers my Senior year... it got to the point where I'd call aunts and uncles and they would answer phone - "How much does it cost?" choose your fundraisers wisely!

IDEA: Have you ever thought to make your own coupon book? Contact your area businesses - work out a special offer for your group - use a photo copy machine and staple the packet - charge $5 or $10 for each packet - it's pure profit for your group, it helps support your local businesses and your customers are generally in your neighborhood so they'll like the local restaurants and stores.

I like the private business that have the new programs for gift cards. Your group purchases gift cards at a discount and sell them to customers. I know of national chains that offer these programs - everything from doughnuts to pizza. They're interesting as with anything you're selling, make sure they have a buy back option.






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