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Candy Cane

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
Dale Carnegie

This is your group's opportunity to create a legacy.

I'm sure your school is the same as all other schools: the Football Team does fundraiser A, the Cheerleaders do fundraiser B, "blank" group is responsible for prom, and it goes on and on. So you're a new group OR a group that needs to raise more money than normal, so what do you do? Create an event and you just might create a legacy.

It was our class that brought back the Senior Group Photo. It was our class that started the Homecoming Parade. I'm sure your group can do the same thing. Here are two events that I've come across that were unique to my high school and college.

CANDY GRAMS - this is one of the highest margins you will find! All you need is paper, copy machine, and candy canes (most of the time your HS office will give you paper and let you use the copy machine so the only expense is the candy cane)! About a week before your winter break you sell candy grams. It's a card that people buy for a quarter and your group delivers to their friend. They can send as many as they want - just because. We sold them during lunch.

The buyer needs to know the "home room" of the student they're sending to... I use "home room" in quotes because we didn't have a home room, we had first hour as the time when all school announcements were read - I'm sure you have something like this. Always be prepared and have a student roster because when your customer says "I don't know their home room" you can provide the information - don't loose the sale! Have a stapler so they can close the note! Then on one afternoon your group will take all of the candy grams and assemble. First - sort by home room, then make it convenient for the teacher and sort by student. All you have to do is put a candy cane on top! The next day deliver one box to the home room and take your cash to the bank!

If you want to take it one step further - have two or three different colors - yellow and green for friends, pink for love - use a program like publisher and have a couple different designs - the more fun you have making them - the more fun people will have buying them! (don't forget students can send to teachers...)


PENNY WARS - This is the ultimate win/win fund raiser. To make it succeed you must have two or more rival groups. It could be Juniors vs. Seniors. Choir vs. Band, Cheerleaders vs.Danceline - dorm vs. dorm - you get the idea. You will need a secure place to keep your jars, I highly recommend getting a teacher or advisor to supervise this event. We're going to use Juniors vs. Seniors. Pick your week and publicize a week ahead. Get two big jars - they need to be big. Then start collecting pennys - you're going to need them! Each team tries to collect as many copper coins (pennies) as possible - every penny they get their jar they get one positive point! Here's the fun... the Senior team can ruin the Junior's effort by putting silver coins (nickles, dimes, quarters, half dollars, coin dollars) into the Junior's jar because silver counts as NEGATIVE points! Someone may dump 100 pennies in the jar however four quarters wipes them out to zero points! Can you see how quickly your fundraising effort grows? Already you have TWO dollars! Do this as a short term event - 3 to 5 days. The last day, last minute is when the real fun happens.

NOTE: This is an AWESOME way to raise money for charity with the winning goup receiving a pizza party.




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