I've updated! It's been a couple years, but I thought it was time. I hope you will enjoy the new site, it still has all of the same great ideas you found at Fundraiserbuzz.com, it's just a little better looking. Thanks again for visiting and...

When I was in High School I participated in many, many fundraisers. I reserached, organized and pounded the pavement to earn extra money for trips, uniforms, and charities.

Recently I was talking to the high school students I supervise and I was baffled. They don't like doing fundraisers. How is that possible? So I decided that I'd make a website and tell you what I know!

If you like this site - add to your facebook, myspace, link to your website, email your friends and tell your teachers!

I organized over 18 fundraisers my Senior Year of high school (this was a LONG time ago, back in a time when hair was VERY big)... I am a former national champion in baton twirling - which during my freshman year I actually organized my own fundraiser to attend nationals, that's right, just me - I raised over $1,000 in two weeks! I particpated in DECA, Cheerleading, Student Government, and Choir. Our Choir traveled to England and each one of us had to raise over $2,000 for travel expenses - that's 40 students... WOW! Along with these groups I did tons of volunteer work and raised money for several charities.
I've come up with some of my favorite fundraising ideas - they're listed in the ideas section of the site. There are even more ideas in the "Success Tips" section. By the way... if there's something you want to share - make sure to email me
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